Remove shortcut arrow from desktop icons completely

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To remove shortcut arrow from desktop icons in any type of document

a) Perform instructions described under ‘Remove shortcut arrow from desktop icons’. For your convenience, steps 1 to 3 are reported here.
b) Perform instructions described under ‘Remove shortcut arrow from desktop icons (2)’. For your convenience, steps 4 and 5 are reported here.
c) And finally, do the same with conferencelink, docshortcut, internetshortcut and wshfile.
So, here is a summary of all actions:
1. Start regedit.
2. Navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\lnkfile
3. Delete the IsShortcut registry value.
4. Navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\piffile
5. Delete the IsShortcut registry value.
6. Navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ConferenceLink
7. Delete the IsShortcut registry value.
8. Navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\DocShortCut
9. Delete the IsShortcut registry value.
10.Navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\InternetShortcut
11. Delete the IsShortcut registry value.
12. Navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\WSHFile
13. Delete the IsShortcut registry value.
14. Close regedit.
Logoff and… Enjoy!
Note : Please note that in some cases deactivating the arrow for *.LNK files might lead to duplicate items in the Explorer Context menu.

Download The Art of Computer Programming By Donald Knuth PDF Book.

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The Art of Computer Programming

Author: Donald Knuth
Published: 1968 (first edition of first volume)
Still in print? Yes
Googleosity: 254,000

Why it matters: The Art of Computer Programming isn’t exactly Programming for Dummies. For one thing, all examples are presented in MIX, an assembly-language-like programming language of author Knuth’s own devising; to understand this multi-volume work, you’ve got to learn a new programming language which you’re not going to use in the real world. For another, it runs to more than 3000 pages even in its current, incomplete form. But its essential usefulness is reflected in the fact that people still care about it more than four decades after the first release of its first volume. It’s a little as if a car repair manual that originated in the Model T era was still widely read and respected–and was still a work in progress.
And you don’t have to actually read TAOCP–or, for that matter, be a computer programmer–to be fascinated by it. Knuth’s Web site is a treasure trove of intriguing stuff, including his explanation of why he stopped using e-mail twenty years ago, information about his offer of a $2.56 bounty for errors found in his books (and why it’s now paid as a deposit into a fictional bank in an imaginary country), and much more.
TAOCP also led to the creation of an important piece of software. In 1977, unhappy with the quality of the typography in the proofs of the second edition of its second volume, Knuth created TeX, a sophisticated digital typesetting system that continues to be used to this day, particularly for technical publications and those full of mathematical formulas.
Bill Gates once said that anyone who had actually read all of The Art of Computer Programming should send him his or her résumé. But nobody’s yet read it in its entirety, because it isn’t done yet. Three complete volumes have been published to date: volumes one, two, and three in 1968, 1969, and 1973, respectively. All have been released in updated editions, and five fascicles (sections) of volume four have been published in recent years. Knuth says he’s working nearly full-time on volume four these days, has started work on volume five, and may write volumes six and seven. Long may the series–and its author–wave.

DOWNLOAD 1st Volume -
Size :-3.34MB

Some Facebook Timeline Cover Sites.

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Here are some Sites Which Can Give you Good Timeline Covers for Your Facebook Timeline.



3. Timeline Cover Banner




7. CoverPhotoz

8. CoverizeMe

Note: You must have Facebook Timeline Activated in order to use Timeline Covers.

13 useful VLC keyboard shortcuts .

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Frequent VLC user? You're missing out if you haven't memorized these keyboard shortcuts yet.
If you're like me, you enjoy doing things faster. Using keyboard shortcuts can help you spend less time looking for buttons or menus, and more time enjoying music and videos. So take a moment to become a more efficient by reading over these VLC shortcuts:
Space: toggle pause/play
F: toggle full-screen (you can also use Esc to leave full-screen mode)
Z: change zoom mode
Ctrl + Up / Down: Adjust volume up/down (you can also use mouse scroll wheel for this)
M: toggle mute
T: display time remaining/elapsed
+ / -: play media faster/slower
S: stop play
Ctrl + H: toggle control display
E: watch video frame by frame
V: toggle subtitles
P: previous item in media que
N: next item in media que.

If you know more Then plz comment. 

DOWNLOAD 282 Best Horor HD Wallpaper.

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Download 282 Wallpapers


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