How to Protect PC from USB Virus

  • What is usb virus???????
As more and more businesses now have strong defences in place to protect against email-aware viruses and malware, hackers are increasingly looking for other less well defended routes, including USB keys, to infect innocent users.
USB virus is a new type of viruses which can infect your PC through USB/Pen drives
because of the autorun feature of Windows and it is also be called autorun virus.
When you plug an infected usb drive into a clean computer,open the drive by double
click or right click, the computer will be infected .Also, the virus will spread by copying
itself on to removable drives inserted into this computer.
More common usb viruses such as 'Ravmon' ,'New Folder.exe' etc are spreading
through USB memory sticks. The majority of antivirus programs are unable to detect
them and even if they do, in most cases they are unable to delete the file, only
quarantine it.
Computer owners should tread very carefully when plugging an unknown device into their PC, however, as it could have malicious code planted on it.

With a significant rise in financially motivated malware it could be an obvious their

backdoor into a company for criminals bent on targeting a specific business with
malicious code.

USB thumb drives and removable hard disks are now common throughout the workplace. They have considerable storage capacity and great for productivity.

USB Virus Scan provides fully USB security solutions , it not only allows you to gain full control of every usb port, but also provides 100% protection against any malicious programs trying to attack via USB storage.All data in your computer and usb drives will get fully protection provided by USB Virus Scan.

USB Guardian allows you to safely enjoy file sharing using just an USB thumbdrive for copying the files . Movies, mp3s, documents and pictures can be copied from one computer to another without worrying of getting infected with worms and viruses trough USB drive.

USB thumbdrives have become a comodity and this fact is actively being exploited by criminals who have developed special viruses and worms which infect USB storage devices like thumbdrives, cameras and even mobile phones

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