My Drive Not Recognized by "My Computer"

In this article we will talk about Windows 7 DVD drive is not working or recognized. Before I get in to the topic I want to talk about the old version of operating system like windows XP. In Xp we have faced this issue and followed some basic trouble shooting steps and resolved it. Now in Windows 7 due to security reason we are facing this problem rather customers are facing this problem.

This article will help the customers to resolve the issue by following some basic stuff.
Solution 1:-  Restart your computer and then start pressing F8, you will be in a different screen. This screen called Safe mode. On this screen you will find an option called (disable driver signature enforcement) selects that and hit enter. Now restart you computer and then check that dvd drive is working or not. If not then follow the nest solution

Solution 2:-   here we need to delete upper filter and lower filter from registry. Don’t get confused it is very easy to follow. To get in to registry, type regedit in run and hit enter and then follow the below steps to get Upper filter and Lower filter.
Then check it is working or not If not then move to the next Solution.

Solution 3:-  Run command prompt as administrator and then paste the following (bcdedit /set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS)
Restart your computer and check that it’s working or not.

Hope these three steps will resolve the issue in Windows 7.Windows 7 is more reliable, stable and user friendly then Vista. So hope for the best. Keep trust on your self and follow the mentioned steps. It will work.
If any problm is occurd than write me i will try to solv your problm..

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