PDFCreator 1.3.0: Virtual printer with which you can create PDF files from any program.

PDFCreator 1.3.0 is a small program to create PDF files from any text editing program. Installs as a "printer" and to save the file in PDF format to "print" the document. You only need to provide details of the document (title, date, author), and the rest is done for our program.

PDFCreator 1.3.0 is a virtual printer with which you can create PDF files from any program. It installs in minutes and works just like a printer.
Creating a PDF with PDFCreator 1.3.0
To create a PDF with PDFCreator 1.3.0, print requests from any program (eg Word ) and select PDFCreator 1.3.0 as your printer. A panel appears where you can fill in the details of the document title, author, subject, keywords, etc..
The buttons on the box allow PDFCreator 1.3.0 print save the PDF, email it or put in queue. After a few seconds your new PDF document will be ready.
By default, PDFCreator 1.3.0 will open with the default viewer ( Adobe Reader , Foxit , or you have installed). This behavior can be disabled by unchecking PDFCreator 1.3.0 a box in the Print window.

Finally, in the PDFCreator 1.3.0 options you can adjust the print quality, define actions to be executed before or after save or rename automatically define templates for printed documents.

PDFCreator 1.3.0 is without doubt one of the best programs to print to PDF. Given the large number of existing PDF printers, noted for its speed, configuration options and integration with Windows.

Size: 16.99 MB
Publisher: Visit Website
Release Date: 2012-3-13
OS: Win 9x/ME/2K/NT/XP/Vista

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