Use Google Translate to Access Blocked Site in Your college/School or Office.

You might be faced problem while accessing Internet in Your college or Office because many sites are Blocked by the college Administration.Sites like facebook, Youtube and many social networking sites are not working while you type the address in address bar of your browser.
Than what to Do to Access these site??
One option may be using proxy servers like or What if they are also blocked by your college/office Administration.If college/office firewall configured such that it also not allowing you to access proxy servers also than you have no easy option in your hand.
Don't worry I have a very easy and working option for you which will definitely work in any college office or school Infrastructure where many social networking sites and proxy servers sites are blocked by firewall.
You can Use Google Translate to Access the Blocked Site In you college/office network.
Follow these steps simply..
1.Go to
2.Enter Your Blocked site Address
3.Select Your regional Language
4.Click translate.

Google will open The site in encrypted Mode so no firewall can detect it.Every firewall will allow it because no firewall configured to block Google.

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