Blue Coat K9 Web Protection.

Blue Coat K9 Web Protection you can register for free by email. Blue Coat K9 Web Protection very easy to implement, even for a novice user. Its simplicity comes from the fact that it comes from a paid program (indeed, the accuracy is still a fee for commercial use, is free for personal use).

Blue Coat K9 Web Protection divided by category, so that you can choose the categories that do not want our children to see. Just launch the program, enter your password, choose the topic of the sites that want to block.

Important not to forget the password, otherwise it becomes quite complicated to uninstall it. It 's also able to limit and stop surfing the Internet during certain hours or certain days (useful for those who do not want their children to use computers but do not get too over the internet). Click here to get Blue Coat K9 Web Protection.

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